Langley Finch Partnership

The Langley Finch Partnership and The Bereavement Care Trust are here to guide you, by providing training and unbiased advice for End of Life Care Communication and Bereavement. Communication is an integral part of any training programme, yet many people ignore this aspect simply because we do it without thinking about it everyday.  
Good communication goes way beyond words and depends on many ways of interacting. Speech, tone of voice, choice of formal or colloquial language, body language, gestures and facial expressions and how we dress are all factors contributing to our interaction with each other. Listening is also a very important part of the communication process people forget. 

Active listening is a very significant skill and yet, as communicators, people tend to spend far more energy considering what they are going to say rather than listening to what the other person is trying to say. Although active listening is a skill in itself, it is also vital for verbal communication. 

The various definitions of communication, organisational, business, interpersonal and so forth are just flavours of the basic definition of communication.  Communication in its most expansive sense is everything and anything, it’s not just information that gets sent and received.  We show, that there is a different way of learning, each one unique.

The first thing we do is listen to you, we listen to your ideas, what you feel your needs are, any specialist subjects you want to cover, and we then create a training programme around your individual needs.

We help you by taking your ideas on board, helping refine  those ideas and ensure that you are given the best advice and guidance.

We never use your training programme for anyone else unless you have requested and agreed to it. i.e. within the same care group. Nor do we use others for you.

Each Care group has their own defined approach to taking care of the elderly, the dying and the bereaved. There is no blanket that covers everything, we all have our own emotions, and our own way of coping.

We answer your questions,  each person is treated in the individual unique way and respect they deserve.

Our Mission is a simple one.  We provide what you need, not what we think you need.
We are here to guide you and provide a shoulder to lean on.            Telephone: 07598 476305